The Maria Collection c0mprisies of strikingly elegant handmade rugs crafted with 450,000 thread points. Silk has a 14mm pile height and is available in rich vivid colors.

Available Sizes

2x8          5x8          8x11

RH01-10758 Multi.JPG

RH01-10758 Multi

Rh07-11258 Navy.JPG

Rh07-11258 Navy

MR03-107 Multi.JPG

MR03-107 Multi

3614A CREAM.bmp

3614 Cream

RH03-10758 Multi.JPG

RH03-10758 Multi



MR01-20758 Navy-Grey.JPG

MR01-20758 Navy-Grey

RH08-11158 Ivory.JPG

RH08-11158 Ivory

MR01-20858 Blue-Grey.JPG

MR01-20858 Blue-Grey

8132A CREAM.bmp

3614 Burgundy

Capture 1.JPG